The Finn World Masters has been sailed every year since 1970. It is the class championship for Finn sailors over 40 years old and is divided into age groups: Master (40-49), Grand Master (50-59), Grand Grand Master (60-69), Legend (70 - 79) and Super Legend (80 and above).

Ages vary between 40 and 82 years, but the binding factor for these Finn sailors is their love of Finn sailing in a friendly and yet very competitive fleet.

The Finn itself is a 4.5 meter singlehanded dinghy with a single mast, and it has been used in the Olympic Games since 1952. Many of the sailors now competing in the Masters have done Olympic campaigns in the past but have stayed sailing the boat because of the first class competition it offers.

The Finn is widely regarded as the toughest challenge in the world of dinghy sailing because to win at Olympics the sailors need to be a perfect athlete, extremely fit and strong to cope with the demand of sailing the boat, tactically astute on the water, and with an excellent technical knowledge of their equipment.

The Finn’s legacy is creating top calibre sailors that have the skills and knowledge to be successful in other areas of the sport, for example, some of the best America’s Cup helmsmen gained their skills in the Finn class.

The Finn is sailed in around 50 countries worldwide and the Masters attracts sailors from around 35 of them. The event regularly attracts more than 200 sailors each year and in 2016, for the first time, 355 sailors travelled to Lake Garda for the biggest Finn event of all time. In 2017, the Masters will be sailed in Barbados and this is the first time it will be sailed in the Caribbean and only the second time outside Europe.

* NOTE: These lists generally represent the engraving on the trophies. Some trophies appear to have been used for various categories over the years. Where there are inconsistencies or lack of engravings, other names are displayed in italics. It seems some sailors won categories but the trophies were presented to others. Please see the results tables on for complete lists and the large number of gaps in the records that need completing. These tables will be transferred to this site at a later stage..

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(President’s Cup, Presented 2014)

2014 Aleksandr Kuliukin, Russia
2015 Vladimir Krutskhik, Russia
2016 Rafa Trujillo, Spain


(Finn Veteran Gold Cup - Trophäe
Marktgemeinde Kaltern 1984)

1984 Walter Mai, Germany
1985 Jørgen Lindhardtsen, Denmark
1986 Heini Unterhauser, Italy
1987 Peter Raderschadt, Germany
1988 Hans Fatzer, Switzerland
1989 Peter Raderschadt, Germany
1990 Mikael Brandt, Sweden
1991 Kurt Schimitzek, Germany
1992 Roland Balthasar, Germany
1993 Peter Vollebregt, Netherlands
1994 Roland Balthasar, Germany
1995 Larry Lemieux, Canada
1996 Roland Balthasar, Germany
1997 Wolfgang Gerz, Germany
1999 Jiri Outrata, Czech Republic
2000 Hans-Günter Ehlers, Germany
2001 Luksa Cicarelli, Croatia (1st GM)
2002 Henry Sprague, USA (1st GM)
2003 Eberhard Bieberitz, Germany
2004 Jiri Outrata, Czech Republic
2005 Marin Mrduljas, Croatia
2006 Eberhard Bieberitz, Germany
2007 Marin Mrduljas, Croatia
2008 Ilias Hatzipavlis, Greece
2009 Francresco Cinque, Italy
2010 Michael Gubi, Austria
2011 Marc Allain des Beauvais, France
2012 Rob Coutts, New Zealand
2013 André Budzien, Germany
2014 Michael Maier, Czech Republic
2015 Yuri Tokovoi, Ukraine
2016 Michael Maier, Czech Republic


(Finn World Masters Trophy
Builded by Ralf Kratz SV Biblis Germany)

2000 Luksa Cicarelli, Croatia
    Mike Till, Great Britain (1st GGM)
2001 Louie Nady, USA (1st GGM)
2002 Minski Fabris, Croatia (1st GGM)
2003 André Budzien, Germany
2004 Larry Lemieux, Canada
   Alan Tucker, South Africa (1st GGM)
2005 Friedrich Müller, Germany
2006 Friedrich Müller, Germany
2007 Luksa Cicarelli, Croatia
2008 Luksa Cicarelli, Croatia
2009 Jørgen Lindhardtsen, Denmark
2010 Luksa Cicarelli, Croatia
2011 Michael Brandt, Sweden
2012 Pascal Tetard, France
2013 Henk de Jager, Netherlands
2014 Henry Sprague, USA
2015 Francesco Cinque, Italy
2016 Marc Allain des Beauvais, France


(Legends Trophy presented in 2012)

2006 Walter Mail, Germany
2007 Seigfried Bohl, Germany
2008 Walter Mai, Germany
2009 Walter Mai, Germany
2010 Richard Hart, Great Britain
2011 Howard Sellars, Great Britain
2012 Howard Sellars, Great Britain
2013 Friedrich Müller, Germany
2014 Richard Hart, Great Britain
2015 Henry Sprague, USA
2016 Howard Sellars, Great Britain


(Ladies Trophy presented 2012)

2006 Bozena Smidova, Czech Republic
2007 Bozena Smidova, Czech Republic
2008 Bozena Smidova, Czech Republic
2009 Brigitte Devilliers, France
2010 Brigitte Devilliers, France
2011 Sabine Breuer, Germany
2012 Sabine Breuer, Germany
2013-16 Not awarded



1988 Han van Vierssen, Netherlands
1989 Horst Klein, Germany
1990 Rolf Lehnert, Germany
1991 Herbert Sondermann, Germany
1992 Jürgen Kraft, Germany
1993 Lucio Nodari, Italy
1994 Dieter Borges, Germany
1995 Hans-Günther Ehlers, Germany
1996 Jiri Outrata, Czech Republic
1997 Kurt Schimitzek, Austria
1998 Kurt Schimitzek, Austria
1999 Wolfgang Gerz, Germany
2000 Claudio Bosetti, Italy
2001 Louie Nady, USA
2002 Mladen Makjanic, Croatia
2003 Peter Raderschadt, Germany
2004 Martin Plecity, Czech Republic
2005 Nicola Menoni, Italy
2006 Bernd Moser, Austria
2007 David Potter, Great Britain
2008 Laurent Hay, France
2009 Francesco Cinque, France
2010 Bas de Waal, Netherlands
2011 Arwin Karssemeijer, Netherlands
2012 Panagiotis Davourlis, Greece
2013 Raymond Hall, New Zealand
2014 Alexiy Marchevskiy, Russia
2015 Henry Sprague, USA
2016 Martijn van Muyden, Netherlands


Final arrangements are being made to book and load the containers through Geest, with approximately 150 entries expected in Barbados.

The containers are being coordinated by Ray New (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) so if you need information on coordinators or anything container related please contact Ray.

We expect have have containers going from GBR, GER, AUT, SUI, NED, DEN, SWE, CZE, FRA, POL, RUS. AUS, NZL, USA and FIN with about 15 being shipped through Geest and the rest arriving by other means.


Following a vote at the Annual Masters Meeting at Torbole in May 2016, El Balis in Spain won the right to host the 2018 Finn World Masters.

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