The 2018 Finn Masters European Championship will be held at JK Split from 11-14 September.

The following bids have been received for the Finn World Masters and the Finn Masters European Championship.


Finn World Masters - Helsinki, Finland - Download

Finn European Masters - AWAITING BIDS


Finn World Masters - Royal Varuna Yacht Club, Pattaya, Thailand - Download

Finn World Masters - CNBO, Biscarrosse. France - Download

Finn World Masters - Punta Ala, Italy - Download


Finn Masters Europeans - AWAITING BIDS


Held at the Barbados Yacht Club at 10.00 on 7 June 2017

After trailing the leaders all week, the 2015 Finn World Masters champion, Vladimir Krutskikh, from Russia, turned the tables on the fleet to win the medal race and the title as the 2017 Finn World Masters drew to a close in Barbados. Laurent Hay, from France, had his chances, but ended up second, but also took the Grand Masters title as well, while the leader for much of the week and definitely the best sailor here after winning five of his six races, Rafael Trujillo from Spain, ended up third.

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