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New website is launched

Welcome to the new Finn World Masters website.

19th October 2013

Firstly, I would like to thank Jan Kingma for all of his hard work as the previous webmaster and for doing such a marvellous job with the previous Finn Masters website which was a wealth of information. I would also like to personally thank him for his friendly co-operation during the migration of the website to my control in the UK and for assisting in the easy transfer of the previous content which has made my job in populating the new website far easier. I hope in my role as the new webmaster I can serve you as well!

Responsive design

The old website had served the Finn Masters well for a large number of years but nothing lasts forever and the new website has allowed us to catch up with the latest technological advances in web construction (some of which only became possible over the last couple of years). The main technological advantage we have incorporated is "responsive design". The website now "knows" whether you are using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and adapts the way content is displayed to take this into account. This will be particularly significant for competitors during the Masters Championships week who will likely want to view the website on mobile devices such as iPad's and smart phones, and who will now find the website content is far easier to view and navigate.

Menu Structure

We have put a lot of thought into how you, our users will interact with the website and put great effort into making it as intuitive and user friendly as possible. For example, the menu options have been kept to a minimum and for ease of navigation the menu remains located across the top of the website (or top right on smart phones) regardless of which page you are viewing. We also wanted to be sure you are always up to date with the latest news and as this should be the first stop each time you visit the site we have included introductions to the most recent news articles on the home page. Older news articles can be found listed under the "News" menu.

The "About" menu provides you with an introduction to the Finn, Finn and Masters history, details of the organisational committee and racing rules.

The "Calendar" lists all forthcoming venues (including candidate venues for future years).

The "Past Events" menu can be treated as our archive of previous events. Apart from a chronological listing of the host venue and top three winners for each year back to 1970, we have also included separate pages dating back to 2000 which include the full list of competitors and their results. Where possible we have included a picture gallery with each event and in some cases video if it has been available. The "Gallery" is the place to go to view fantastic pictures taken both on the water and at the prize giving ceremonies. We intend to add more galleries to this section in due course as more pictures become available.

Page content

Most pages will display a number of additional features which we hope you find useful. On the left hand side you can view who wrote the article, tags (click on a tag to view all articles with the same tag) and you can either print or email the page to a friend. We haven't forgotten social media either! At the bottom of each page you will see links to popular social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Google+), click on these to promote the page to your sailing friends and others on your favourite social media channel.
You may also have noticed that the Finn Master Facebook page stream is at the bottom of the home page. Comment on our Facebook page and your comment will also be visible on the website too!

In summary

I hope you like the new website and find it easy and enjoyable to use. I also hope that as the current webmaster I can continue the fine work that Jan Kingma, the previous webmaster has done in the past.

Garry Sibbald

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