Dear Finn Masters,

Today we should have been in Port Zelande, at the start of the 2020 Finn World Masters. Tonight we should have been enjoying some great Dutch hospitality at the Opening Ceremony beside the Grevelingenmeer.

Sadly it was not to be, but during this week we will try to keep some of the Finn spirit alive with various activities and entertainment for you. 

We will be releasing all the various materials on the Finn Class and Finn World Masters Facebook pages, as well as sending you updates, so please do engage with that, respond if you feel able and enjoy the worldwide community that is the Finn Masters.

On Wednesday morning we will run the Annual Masters Meeting as an interactive form. On Wednesday evening we will raised a glass to the 50th Anniversary of the Finn World Masters. And we will have various announcements to share with you during the week. 

So sit back, grab a drink, and we will start with NOT the Opening Ceremony.

Andy Denison
Masters President



The week from Sunday 31 May to Friday 5 June was supposed to be a great celebration, a celebration of 50 years of the Finn World Masters. It was going to be a great party and a great regatta, but sadly it wasn't to be.

However we decided to keep the Finn masters spirit alive for everyone and will be running the "Not the 50th Finn World Masters" over the same dates with a series of events and activities to keep you all amused and entertained while we wait for things to go back to normal.

We would encourage you to all engage with as much of this as you possibly can and enjoy the week with your Finn Masters friends. With so many of you doing press ups all over the world, by then you'll all need a break.

Some of the highlights are below, but there will be much more to look forwards to. It all starts on Sunday 31 May at 18.00 UK time for the Opening Ceremony.




The International Finn Masters Committee is delighted to announce that the 2021 Finn World Masters will be held in Medemblik, The Netherlands. 

Following the cancellation of the 2020 Finn World Masters at Port Zelande, and then the postponement of the 2021 Finn World Masters in Puntala, the Dutch Finn class immediately began to work on finding a venue for 2021 to complete their commitment to host the Finn World Masters.

It will happen 13 years after the last time the Finn World Masters was held in Medemblik. In 2008, many Finn Masters will remember a week of amazing tropical weather, great racing and wonderful hospitality.

The dates will be the traditional Masters week of 21-28 May. Planning is already underway and more details will be published as soon as they become available.

President of the Finn Masters, Andy Denison, said: “We are very happy that Finn Club Holland has stepped up and made this great offer in these uncertain times. We know we can rely on their enthusiasm and the experience of the Royal Yacht Club Hollandia to put on another great event for us. We have to wait longer to visit Puntala again, but I also know that will be well worth the wait.”

“We look forward to working with Finn Club Holland and Royal Yacht Club Hollandia over the coming year to plan what will now be our 50th Finn World Masters.”

The 2020 Finn World Masters was supposed to be the 50th Anniversary event, but all the celebrations have now been put back to 2021. 

“I am sure that Medemblik 2021 will be a great party and as many Finn Masters as possible from all over the world will be able to take part.”


Chris Frijdal, President of Finn Club Holland, writes: “Dear Finn friends, of course we are very sorry that we cannot go to Puntala in 2021 as many Dutch Finn sailors have really good memories of the Masters in 2011. But we understand the extreme difficulties our Italian friends are facing, so we are happy to be able to take over from them.”

“We hope to welcome you, Finn Masters from all over the world, in Medemblik in 2021. Many of you will remember Medemblik as a great place to sail with often very nice conditions. Apart from the Finn World Masters in 2008, two Gold Cups and three European Championships were sailed in Medemblik. And of course many of you competed in the yearly SPA-Delta Lloyd-Breitling-Medemblik regatta. So many of you will feel at home in one of the best European sailing areas.”

“The very experienced Royal Yacht Club Hollandia will be our host again. So if the weather is like it was in 2008 and if the COVID-19 disaster is behind us we will have a fantastic FWM2021.”

“Hope to see many of you next year in good health.”


The 2008 Finn World Masters in Medemblik was the biggest fleet up to that time with 229 entries

To be published online from 0900 BST/10.00 CET on June 3, 2020 to 12.00 BST/13.00CET on June 7, 2020

Voting papers will be distributed only to eligible Masters on June 3.

The Annual Masters Meeting will be published on the morning of Wednesday 3, June  from about 0900 BST/1000 CEST. All those who registered for the FWM 2020 will be sent the voting papers and only those Masters may vote. It will take the form of an interactive form with a few votes, and a few things to read, and which can be completed any time from Wednesday morning through to the weekend, closing on Sunday 7 June at 12.00 BST. 

Most of the AMM is just procedure and formality, but there are a few important votes to take part in. The AMM will include a recorded introduction from the Masters President, Andy Denison. Everyone else can read the Agenda and supporting papers below.


1. Video announcement from Andy Denison, President

2. Approval of last year’s minutes (vote)

3. Matter arising (Comments available)

4. Bids for 2022

5. President’s Report  (FWM2020 Thanks)

6. Election of officers

7. Accounts and Financial Statement 

7a. Questions (Comments available)

8. Rule Change for combined EC/FEM (vote)

9. Report on Magazine

10. Future Venues

Further comments

The date of next AMM.

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