Dear Finn Masters,

We have come to the end of another Finn Masters week. I hope you have enjoyed our ‘NOT the 50th Finn World Masters’ communications this week.

Hopefully we’ve managed to entertain you for a while, rekindle your passion for Finn sailing or maybe just raised the occasional smile.

Thanks to everyone who engaged with anything this week. We all had a fun time putting this together for you, despite there being no trophies to present today, at the NOT the Closing Ceremony.

I would now like to set you a task for the coming year. We're looking for your photos and stories of the Finn World Masters. To commemorate fifty years of the Finn World Masters, we are planning to put together a book to be ready for next year in Medemblik.

Please take a look at the article explaining what we are looking for. See more here.

So without further ado, I now declare the NOT the 50th Finn World Masters closed, and call for everyone to gather one year from now in Medemblik, when hopefully everything will look much better and we can once again enjoy racing together. Maybe we will all meet in Gdynia in September before that.

Andy Denison
Masters President 


Dear Finn Masters,

This evening we should have been enjoying our Masters Dinner in Port Zelande with all our Finn friends from far and wide. It has become an important tradition of the Finn World Masters.

Unfortunately that is not possible, so here is the next best thing. Probably...

We have collected together your toasts into the following video. If you did not send one in on time, please feel free to add yours to the comments to this post on our Facebook page here.

Now please raise your glasses to the 50th Anniversary of the Finn World Masters, and to absent friends. 



Andy Denison
Masters President

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Martin Atzwanger has sent us the sad news that our Finn friend Heini Unterhauser has passed away at the age of 77 years.
Heini started his Finn career on Lake Caldaro in the 1960s and won the Finn World Masters in 1983 in Port Camargue and again in 1986 in Lago di Bracciano.
Due to his victory in Port Camargue and his commitment, the Finn World Masters was held with great success on the small Lake Caldaro in 1984. That was the first time the event attracted more than 100 Finn Masters.
Martin writes, "He was known as a very funny person and Finn sailing was his life. The entire Finn fleet of Lake Caldaro with its 30 Finn dinghies mourns his death. He leaves behind a wife and a daughter."

The Finn Masters sends its deepest sympathies to Heini's family and friends.

It is proposed to publish a book about the Finn World Masters, about the people and the races that have defined this amazing event for half a century. Fifty years of the Finn Word Masters is a milestone that should be recognised and recorded.

There was some history of the Masters in FINNatics, but very few photos exist from the early days. You can see pretty much everything that exists in that chapter here.

So this is an attempt to track down all existing materials before they are lost forever.

We need:

  • Photos of races and people from 1970 onwards. There are very few in the IFA archive before 2008.
  • Stories of the people and the races. Profiles and interviews.
  • Race reports. Minutes of Annual Meetings. The only material we have is that which was printed in Finnfare and Finnatics
  • Any full results sheets from early events will also be useful.

The goal is to produce the book ready to bring to the 2021 Finn World Masters in Medemblik as a journal of the first 50 years of the Finn World Masters.

Please send any photos, stories ideas and other information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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