Details on how to advertise in the Finn Masters Magazine.

The Finn Masters Magazine is primarily funded through advertising.

As well as Finn equipment manufactuers and related busineses, we encourage advertising of a more general nature from Finn sailor's companies. The size of the magaine is directly dependent on advertising revenue, so for a bigger magazine, we need more revenue.

Please consider placing an advert in the next edition and support the magazine.

Download the Media Pack below for more details and price list.

Magazine downloads

Filename Size Date
An Adobe Acrobat file Finn_Masters_Magazine_2018.pdf 6.61 MB 2018-03-28
An Adobe Acrobat file Finn_Masters_Magazine_2017.pdf 6.54 MB 2017-02-17
An Adobe Acrobat file Finn_Masters_Magazine_2016.pdf 5.43 MB 2016-12-20
An Adobe Acrobat file Finn_Masters_Magazine_2015.pdf 7.88 MB 2016-12-20
An Adobe Acrobat file Finn_Masters_Magazine_2014.pdf 6.02 MB 2016-12-20
An Adobe Acrobat file Finn-Masters-Magazine-2020.pdf 4.94 MB 2020-02-27
An Adobe Acrobat file Finn-Masters-Magazine-2019.pdf 6.05 MB 2019-05-31

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